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What We Are Really All About

If you are reading this page, you are reading it for a very important reason. You want to know more about Shepherds College. You want to know where we come from, what we stand for, what this organization means to us, and what our staff is all about. All of your questions should be answered after reading the next few pages, and hopefully they will excite you enough to get you thinking more about the possibility of education after high school.

Shepherds College is so much more than a school for students with intellectual disabilities. It's a safe-haven where they can come and feel comfortable while learning new and exciting things. And the types of things learned here are designed to prepare students for a life career and skills that will help them through everyday situations.

Academics are an important part of Shepherds College, but leading a spiritual life is another one of our main focuses.  We believe that everyone was uniquely created by God for a purpose, and that each person in this world deserves a chance to fulfill lifetime goals and dreams. We want to see our students succeed because we understand how truly important success is for each and every one of us.